About Boston Computer Forensics

Boston Computer Forensics was founded in 1992 as the local provider for Global Digital Forensics Inc., an industry leader in digital forensics and cyber security. We’ve worked with clients in many highly regulated and complex industry sectors, including the financial industry, government agencies, the healthcare industry, etc. Our breadth of experience means we understand the issues our clients face, and our ability to craft solutions is unmatched.


  • Lead expert and consultant for consumer class-action law suit against American Express. Fields of expertise for this action included analysis of airline reservation systems architecture, real-time transactions, and mainframe database systems.
  • Consultant in the fields of complex credit card transactions systems and drop box deposit systems analysis for shareholders’ class-action suit against Bank One Corporation.
  • Database systems analysts for complex class-action suit against multiple oil and gas company defendants. Lead data custodian for massive amounts of discovery related information.
  • Accounting systems specialist and technical consultant for franchisee class-action law suit against major real estate corporation, Cendant, Inc.
  • Lead expert for magnetic tape media and legacy mail system analysis
  • Consultants for multiple plaintiff attorneys, each with separate actions against major technology firm, Lernout and Hauspie, and its bankers and underwriters for securities fraud claims.
  • Co-lead examiners for major pharmaceutical diversion and counterfeit investigation, in cooperation with Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office and the Federal Food and Drug Administration. The investigation included hundreds of gigabytes of digital evidence and thousands of pages of paper evidence requiring manual inspection of data at hex levels using forensic techniques and deep knowledge of file systems.
  • Co-lead examiner for the Department of Securities and Insurance Regulation for investigation regarding large insurance company. Included on-site inspection of distributed data systems, workflow process, and electronic accounting control systems.
  • Lead examiner for investigation of officers and staff of medium-sized public financial company for fraudulent activities involving expense accounts and corporate issued credit cards.
  • In cooperation with Federal Marshals, lead examiner on investigation regarding a ring of counterfeit products in the commercial and retail brand name clothing markets. Acted as custodian for all seized systems and head investigations coordinator for digital investigations in multiple U.S. geographic locations.

Case History

  • Holland v. Motown Record Corp., et al
  • Hoffman v. American Express
  • Travel Related Services Co., et al
  • Baker, et al v. KMPG, LLP, et al
  • Nisselson v. Lernout, et al
  • Frank K. Cooper Real Estate #1, Inc. v. Cendant Corporation, et al
  • In Re Old Banc One Shareholders Securities Litigation
  • Schilowitz v. D.H. Blair, et al
  • Gottdiener v. D.H. Blair, et al
  • Brainstorms Internet Marketing, Inc. v. USA Networks, Inc., et al
  • Douse v. Quick & Reilly

Languages and Skills

COBOL, COBOL II, DB2, CICS, VSAM,TSO/ISPF, ROSCOE, MICRO FOCUS, Basic, Fortran, SQL, SQL/400, RPG, Pascal, C (all flavors), Assembler, ISPF, PL1 IMS/TSO/CLISTS/JCL/JCLJes2/3,IMS, MVS, ACF2 Mainframe Security DFHSM, SPUFI,BMC Load Plus, ACF2 Rumba, EDA, CLISTS FOCUS, TSO/MVS/ Focus, Oracle, ACF2 Security, CA-Spool, Boole & Babbage, Endeavor,BMC Computer Associates Tools, Compuware FILEAID, SAS, CHAMP, PANVALET – Tools VMSECURE, VM-CYPHER, MFD/MFS Full Screen Display, SAS, PeopleSoft, and others on mainframe and I386 based servers and their respective operating systems and hardware.

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